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The Maintenance Department consists of two skilled employees who work under the direction of Crack Sealerthe Town Board Road Supervisor. Their duties include general maintenance and repair of roadways, traffic signs, township buildings, parks, properties and equipment. To best serve the needs of the community, the Township may also use the services of private contractors and consultants. The Township also retains an engineering firm for major road projects.

The Maintenance Department is conveniently located across from the Lent Town Hall on 33212 Hemingway Avenue. If you have road or traffic concerns, please contact the Lent Town Clerk. Your concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.Front End Loader

It is the mission of the Lent Township Maintenance Department to provide the citizens of Lent with the highest standard of public facilities consistent with sound engineering practices and fiscal responsibility.

If you damage Lent signs or roadway property, please contact the Town Clerk so that we may make arrangements for the repair.





The Stacy-Lent Area Fire Department has a long history of dedication to their community. Today, the Fire Department is jointly operated by the Township of Lent and the City of Stacy.Stacy-Lent Fire Hall

Lent Township is extremely proud of its Fire Station, located at 30785 Forest Blvd in Stacy, MN. The entire site, owned by Lent Township, includes an impressive 9-bay brick fire station, large classroom space and Training Simulator.

The Training Simulator, added in 2007, is a three-story burn building, with repealing anchors, dual pitch roof, sprinkler system training area, repositionable wall panels to be set in any configuration, two burn rooms for live fire or smoke generator and confined space simulator training area; and expansive outdoor areas to provide ample room for police and enforcement agencies to advance their rescue and defense skills. This state of the art training facility provides a unique environment for our own firefighters, as well as firefighters and emergency personnel from across the state, to better prepare for situations they may encounter at the scene of an emergency.

Description: 100_0034.JPGThe Stacy-Lent Area Fire Department has 34 dedicated firefighters, led by Fire Chief, Kerry Olson and Assistant Chief, Brad Schroeder, seven Captains and two Training Officers. The exceptionally skilled firefighters all hail from either the appreciative communities of Stacy or Lent. Lakes Region EMS is an Advanced Life Support ambulance service that serves the Stacy Lent Fire Department area. The Paramedics and EMTs are trained in advanced procedures and medications to provide emergency treatment for both traumatic injury and sudden illness.

The remarkable fleet of emergency response vehicles includes: three Type 1 Engines, one 3,000 gallon Tender, three Type 6 Grass Rigs, one Incident Command vehicle, one Polaris ATV off road Grass Rig, and an off road snowmobile rescue sled and trailer. They also have all the gear needed for ice and cold water rescue.Description: 100_0169.JPG

Protecting property and saving lives is the ultimate purpose of our committed firefighters. The firefighters are required to attend continuous trainings and the contemporary equipment is maintained on a rigorous schedule. In 2010, the Stacy Lent Area firefighters responded to 213 calls: 42 fire/gas calls, 134 medical calls, and 37 motor vehicle accident calls.

The Stacy Lent Area Fire Department is very active in the community offering fire safety instructions for kids as well as an open house tour of their facilities and equipment.